Where is kleinlangheim’s euphoria??

Where is kleinlangheim's euphoria??

In sports, promotion often brings enthusiasm to a club. He provides momentum in a team, with which you can sometimes overpower some weak ones. At vfl kleinlangheim, michael ludwig has not yet noticed much of the additional momentum since the start of the round.

Instead of sporting sunshine, there’s an autumn mood there. "We’re completely lacking in euphoria at the moment, and that’s naturally due to the results so far," the player-coach says after four points and 23 goals against in the first seven games.

So the 34-year-old, who helped the vfl to promotion in his very first season last year, was rather disillusioned. In some areas, the situation, which was expected to be difficult from the outset, "turned out to be even worse than I expected," says ludwig. He complains above all about the unfortunate personnel situation. Finally, the first team traveled to stammheim with just eleven players, two more appeared later. "The people are not there when you need them," he says.

This is due to injuries, such as to sascha bader or florian friedel. Some of the players had to pull out at short notice on match day, while others had to do almost without training. In addition, goalkeeper and top performer manuel tippmann has to miss almost every other week because of his job as a police officer. "If the ‘tippi’ isn’t there, some of the players’ heads go down during the meeting," says ludwig.

The coach, who plugs the holes on the pitch depending on where personnel is needed, who plods along and drives, misses virtues such as fight or courage in situations like these. This week he has cancelled a training session at the vfl "so that the players can perhaps clear their heads for a change."Ludwig wants to give them "time to think about it, so that they can ask themselves whether we want to defend ourselves against relegation or whether we want to accept it as it is", he hopes for a defiant reaction with his clear words.

Of course, the district league is a change for many of his players, who are quite young on average. "They have already noticed that the pace is faster, that the mistakes are simply punished much faster. And we make too many concentration errors," ludwig complains about defensive behavior in particular.

In addition, the team is sometimes too timid in the duels. He has a simple explanation for the worries at the back. There are too many substitutions, especially in defense, which can’t be ideal. For the derby against geesdorf, ludwig has to make changes again because defender christian hohn recently received a red card.

Despite the difficult conditions, the vfl could have had one or two more players on its side, ludwig continues to complain. "Complete and with the right attitude" there was something to be gained against every team, he had to realize.

Michael ludwig will not give up without a fight against his former club, FC geesdorf. The himmelssturm recently suffered their first defeat of the season against herlheim, but still come to kleinlangheim in the role of favorites. At least one point he liked. "Geesdorf has a good team, they have recently lost some strength due to the cup. With us they will appear differently than still against herlheim." He must know, after all, he knows the opponent very well after four years and two promotions he achieved there.


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