Wolfgang gremmelmaier – a man in demand in coburg

Wolfgang gremmelmaier - a man in demand in coburg

He is very often at brose bamberg, and at the BBC coburg, was after his professional start in coburg in 2003 until two years ago almost at every home game of the HSC 2000 coburg and is often at home games of the FCC on the dr.-stocke-plant seen.
The current chairman of FC coburg, walter luft, has publicly mentioned the long-serving VR bank board member as his desired successor in an interview with the tageblatt. So who or what does wolfgang gremmelmaier want to work for in the future?? For whom is his pulse beating fastest at the moment and which club can count on his support in the future?? We asked the sports enthusiast from coburg with swabian roots for detailed information:
"it pleases and honors me naturally that walter luft sees me as a wish-successor. Everyone who knows me knows how highly I value clubs that do good, persistent work with young people. For me, this is very important because children and young people who are integrated into teams at clubs learn social skills and how to work together. The clubs are doing a great job here. And FC coburg does it in an exemplary way. Walter luft and his comrades-in-arms saved coburg fubball from the brink of extinction with their commitment a few years ago. No matter who becomes chairman, he has a great team of volunteers around him and he reaps the rewards of that work. Actually, the best successor for walter luft would have been himself".

Commitment to BBC coburg?

The prob-basketballers have even presented wolfgang gremmelmaier on their official team photo for the new season as a member of the management team. What is going on between the "basket managers"? And the ex-banker. To this W. G.:
"to the BBC I have already for langeerer time a good contact. I have always enjoyed working with this club because its leaders and thinkers have always been very reliable and honest partners. In the summer we met and the idea was born, that I help the BBC in an advisory capacity with the professionalization and the development of the necessary structures. In addition, I was able to establish one or the other contact with sponsors and important institutions, which is also good and important for the rooting of the BBC in coburg".


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