Work and vacation at the same time

Work and vacation at the same time

Since 1996, he has been coming here regularly to represent the local clergyman. "Burkardroth has become a second home for me. The people here are very friendly, says pastor daniel jany. Over the years he has made friends here, some of those he knew as children have since married. The argentinian will remain in burkardroth until the beginning of september.
Daniel jany was born on 19. December 1949 in bahia blanca in argentina. The city is located in the south of the province of buenos aires and has about 280,000 inhabitants. At the beginning of the 20th century, jany's grandparents were. The people who immigrated here from europe at the beginning of the twentieth century found a new home in argentina. His mother was born in argentina, but still spoke italian fondly.

European influence

Typical for the region where pastor jany grew up is the european influence: "about a quarter of the diozese bahia blanca consists of descendants of wolga germans. Together with the italians, spanish and french who immigrated here, they give the region a unique mixture", tells pastor jany.
Schools in argentina do not offer the kind of religious instruction that is customary in germany. Nevertheless, about 90 percent of argentines belong to the roman catholic denomination, six percent are protestants. The churches, however, are rather poorly attended by german standards, as jany can tell us from experience. "In my home country, going to church is not the only sign of faith. Many pray at home and most consider themselves catholics, even if they are critical of the local church", says jany. The church buildings are also very small, so the catholic faith is traditionally practiced at home.
So in argentina it is rather uncommon to become an altar boy. Nevertheless, jany did his service as such – his parental home was very catholic anyway. After his elementary school years, he went to a catholic school and decided to become a priest there. In 1968 he entered the seminary, studied theology and philosophy in la plata and was ordained priest in 1977. He was particularly influenced by the period after the second vatican council.
"Especially in argentina, the second vatican council brought strong changes and reformed the christian faith", pastor jany is convinced. This is also evident in the church service in argentina: most of the songs sung during the service were written after 1965 and are in the spirit of the reform movement initiated by the second vatican council. Traditionally, the church songs are not accompanied by the organ, but by the guitar.

Guitar instead of organ

"In my home country, almost every priest can play the guitar," says the priest, adds pastor jany "there are hardly any organs in our town." Since 1999, jany has been the local priest in cabildo, a small community of 2,000 people. Since the parish has to pay for the upkeep of the priest – there is no church tax in argentina as there is in germany – jany also works two days a week as a chaplain in the navy in the military harbor.

Challenge dialect

Daniel jany came into contact with germany and the german language rather by chance. In his seminary in la plata, the schonstatt priest dr. Herbert king from lauterbach (black forest). He inspired jany to learn german. "Dr. King was a role model for me – that's also why I came to the schonstatt movement, jany remembers. In 1981 he came to germany for the first time. "At first i had a hard time speaking – i could read german, but it was difficult to speak and understand it." Even today he struggles with the rhone dialect from time to time, although he speaks german very well. In 1996 he came for the first time as a vacation substitute to waldfenster, since then he is here regularly year after year, since 2008 regularly in burkardroth.
"The people here in the rhon are more comfortable and friendly than in argentina. Above all, the friendliness towards the church is much more pronounced here", says the priest. He also thinks that the people here cooperate better than in his home country, also in the administration. "People are more traditional here in rhon. I am not used to the pilgrimages and the many altar boys from my home country. When we go on pilgrimages in argentina, it is usually by bus. But the distances that have to be covered here are also much longer than here", adds daniel jany. The services in argentina are a bit more spontaneous – and they are also more flexible, as is the sermon, which tends to be delivered more freely.
In his free time, priest jany loves to read and to study the writings of dr. Herbert king. He is also in charge of a place of pilgrimage in argentina: paso mayor. "I love being a priest. Working with people gives me a lot of pleasure", says jany. He would like to come to the region also in the next years. "Being at the fube of the rhon is always a little vacation too."

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