“You can’t please everyone anyway”

The announcement of the intention to sell the shares in the bamberger basketball gmbh was quickly followed by a turnaround. As reported, the coburg-based automotive supplier brose continues to steer the fortunes of nine-time german champion brose bamberg. What are the reasons for the rethink? Michael stoschek, chairman of the shareholders” meeting of the brose group of companies and at the same time chairman of the supervisory board of the basketball bundesliga club from bamberg, answered our interview questions in writing.

Why does brose still remain the majority shareholder??

Michael stoschek: without a shareholder role we had no more influence on the decisions concerning the organization and the sporting goals despite our rough financial commitment. In the sense of bamberger basketball i have stopped our complete exit then.

First goodbye to the gmbh, then remaining – there were nine days between these two announcements. Is it possible to set up a new company within such a short time??

Here, too, it turned out that by 1. July 2020 the steps and measures associated with the complete change of shareholders were not feasible.

In the past, the "bamberger weg" was used again and again for the brose basketball players conjured up. Where will this go in the future and which finances are available for it??

"Bamberg way" means strong regional roots for basketball activities. That has always been our goal, even when ambitious coaches have let bamberger junior players go because they were not mature enough for euroleague play. Now we want to continue on the path of strengthening our professional team with young, competitive junior players. As far as cooperation with bamberger companies that sponsor us is concerned, we need to strengthen contact with our management and clear up existing misunderstandings. I am therefore pleased that mr. Kamper (chairman of the bamberger wirtschaftsclub, anm. D. Red.) would like to play this mediating role on our supervisory board.

Many fans can not understand the end of the cooperation with the baunach young pikes. Why does brose renounce the cooperation and how should the young talents be challenged in the future??

Our budget no longer allows for the financing of a second team in addition to the extensive youth work that we maintain. However, the financing of youth work must also be spread over more shoulders than before. Here is the brose bamberg e.V. Just as much a challenge as the city of bamberg.

It is rumored that BBC coburg could be a future partner in the youth development program. Are the people of coburg or other teams being spoken to?

Brose has been headquartered in coburg for more than 100 years and we employ around 5,000 people there, both directly and indirectly. We are the main sponsor of BBC coburg and want a professional coordination with bamberg basketball so that the best coburg junior players continue their career in bamberg.

In the past few weeks, the public image of the brose basketball team has been unfortunate. Examples are the harris case and the reversals on the BBL season continuation and the gmbh withdrawal. Criticism has been voiced in the social media in particular. What do you reply to these critics??

You can’t please everyone anyway. For me, the most important thing is never the image, but that we act in the spirit of the bamberg basketball. Elias harris’ refusal to accept the same restrictions on his salary as all the other players during his time off was not a good example for a captain to follow. The resonance in the public was clearly on our side. The fact that I did not force the planned complete withdrawal from the basketball gmbh was also in the interest of all those who identify with bamberg basketball. But you also have to have the courage to take back a decision if it can’t be implemented without damage. This decision was also met with an almost exclusively positive response. Important for a successful future of bamberger basketball, however, is that many people and institutions have to realize that due to lower available funds – which were the envy of many bundesliga clubs – old habits can no longer be continued. Above all, the mentality must come to an end; in case of doubt, brose or mr. Stoschek will personally come up with the missing money.

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